The night we met. Nothing says sequence quite like the cadence of our love story, and the date of it’s debut. Like many, we met on one of the vast online dating platforms that allows a profile picture to become a casual bar meet up…or in our case, holy matrimony. Danny K’s, Orange’s finest Sports Bar, was the perfect middle ground for two busy entrepreneurs who shared a common interest in Shuffle Board. Rick showed up late enough for me to be concerned that he might be dead, but just in time to let me win some bar games. Possibly expecting to go home empty-handed that night; the guy sure did win my heart.

Less than just two short months later I had the pleasure of meeting the Graham-Fam in all their glory with enough of a plot twist introduction to make you spit out your drink. If ever you believe all of us weren’t hand-made for each other, ask me about January 1st 2014; the day we decided we knew too much to ever go back. Lucky for me, with every date concluded, came another date made. Rick was always the one to reassure our interest with a future plan.

Fast forward to every open weekend without a back to school night or a guitar lesson and you’ll find him and me front row (ish) at hundreds of our favorite bands’ concerts. When we weren’t selling our souls at the merch booths, a shoulder rub and some dad jokes in the community jacuzzi headlined our perfect Friday nights. It was very confidently and swiftly that one met three and three became four, and now we ask that you all celebrate with us as we grow as not only a couple but a family.

Happy Grahamily Action Reel