How do I get to the venue?

For those of you heading from CA southern cities, there are multiple routes that will bring you to us. For the vast majority of you, taking the good ‘ol 405 N to the 22 W is your fastest route. Several rights and lefts from said major highways are itemized by utilizing your GPS or smartphone with the address, . PCH is an alternative route to this venue should the ocean views call you earlier than our ceremony, but if you know anything about California, you’ll need to leave….yesterday.

For those of you more inland, the 91 W to the 101 S will likely dump you off directly in Long Beach. The smaller side streets are up to the pin drop we saved for you above.

Lastly, smoke signals if you’re totally lost. There’s a team of highly trained experts just waiting to play marco-polo with our technologically un-savy invitees.


I am coming from out of town/I don't think I'll be able to see straight after all the wine. Where should I stay?

Rooms that have been blocked off specifically for our guests at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Pedro – Port of Los Angeles, just feet from our venue. (That’s right, you can change your shoes and be back to the party in 6 minutes!)

You can book a standard queen bedroom online at this link.

For those of you wish to make a reservation for another available room type, or to add another night, please let our Hilton liaison, Randa, coordinate your discount via phone with our promo group code below. If you have your fancy pants on, you may even want to upgrade to a suite or marina view. From what I hear, they are passing out free upgrades for the WCG WedFest crew. Doesn’t hurt to ask!

Hotel Liaison for Room Booking:

Randa Soliman
Direct Phone: 310-519-2785
Hotel Phone: 310-514-3344 ext. 423
Mon- Fri 8 AM to 4 PM

Hotel Details:

Hotel Name: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Pedro – Port of Los Angeles
Hotel Address: 2800 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, California 90731
Group Code: WCG

This is where you will find the bride & groom (and their families) staying.

For those of you interested in a drive to their hotel, but still within a reasonable proximity for a potentially decreased rate, options are as follows:

  1. Pacific Inn Suites (Approx. $120/per room/per night.)
    Address: 516 W 38th St, San Pedro, CA 90731
    Phone: (310) 514-1247
  2. Vagabond Inn (Approx. $130/per room/per night.)
    Address: 2493, 215 S Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731
    Phone: (310) 831-8911
  3. Best Western Approx. $190/per room/per night.)
    Address: 111 S Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731
    Phone: (310) 514-1414

What time should I arrive?

Our ceremony begins promptly at 4:30 PM. I know what you are all thinking…and don’t worry, Rick was told it starts at 3 so nobody’s waiting for him at the altar.  

Where should I park?

Convenient and free parking is located directly in front of the banquet hall at the Cabrillo Plaza Parking Lot.

What time will the reception end?

The bar closes at 11 pm. And last call will likely end the formal reception.

Where can I RSVP?

Official invitations along with RSVP login & details will be available late summer and will be arriving via mail. If you would like to send the bride & groom a quick message to let them know how excited you are to attend, feel free to reach out on our contact form.

When is RSVP deadline?

In order to finalize our seating chart we ask that you please take the time to RSVP no later than Saturday, September 15th.


Will food be served?

Come hungry, leave happy. Fine dining is far from this couple’s cup of tea, so we will be serving up piping hot festival food bites and belly-filling desserts.

What if I have a dietary restriction?

Rest assured we have our friends’ ability to enjoy the dining experience with us in mind. Vegan options as well as gluten free alternatives will be on our menu. Email with any other questions or concerns prior to the month of the event.

What is the dress code?

We extend our love for comfort to your wardrobe choice for this event, but realize that sometimes feeling snazzy is just in some of our bones. Whatever attire you so choose we remind everyone that this is a waterfront venue in the middle of fall, and a light jacket may be one of your best investments of the night. For those of you who are itching for a theme, think music festival VIP.

May I bring a guest?

Guests have been identified specifically on your invitation. If you believe there to be a discrepancy, please email

Are kids welcome?

All persons invited to participate in the post-ceremonial festivities have been specified on your invitation. Due to number-restrictions and an abundance of baby-boomin’ friends, we apologize in advance for not being able to accommodate extended families.

Is there a gift registry?

The Collins’ and the Graham’s housholds have two of everything! We couldn’t bear to include a want list on a registry we know we would not be quick to use. Rather than play house, we want to buy one! What better place to store all of this love than in the home of our dreams? With that said, please click here for more information on how to donate to our “Home-buying” journey.

I have a question not answered here? How do I contact you?

First, ask yourself…is today October 13th? It’s not the day of the wedding is it? It’s not? Ok, go ahead and email the bride (or her handy maid of honor Taryn) at